About Me - Emma Lindsey Rose Travel Blogger

I wasn’t always interested in travel, until the age of 15 I had never been on a plane with just a handful of school trips to France to my passport – but over the past ten years travel has been an increasingly important part of my life. Now, it’s my number 1 priority and I’m lucky enough to have a career and lifestyle that accommodates enough adventures to keep my soul happy.

I currently live in Shoreditch, East London through pure luck which allows me to be close to the action of what this vibrant and amazing city has to offer. After living on the island of Cebu in the Phillipines for two years I wanted to come back to the heart of European culture and innovation – but every few weeks I get homesick for the sun and beach and dream of running away again to a life full of fresh mangoes.

On this blog you’ll see I often focus on interesting attractions, museum and art in the places I visit. For me travel is about experiencing the most beautiful creations the world has to offer. Sometimes these may be the tourist clichés and sometimes they may be more off the beaten track.

For 2015 I challenged myself to complete 12 trips and will do the same for 2016, let me know on twitter @emmaljndseyrose where I should go next.

In my day job I work in digital marketing and understand the evolving landscape brands find themselves in. If you are interested in collaborations or consultancy feel free to contact me via email at emma@fizzy-cola.com

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