Life in Colour – Kat O’Sullivan’s Psychedelic Painted House

Life in Colour – Kat O’Sullivan’s Psychedelic Painted House

Colossal have shared this amazing multi-colour house by artist Kat O’Sullivan. From her about page you can see the exciting life of travelling and sharing her work she has had across the globe. Her house in Ecuador, although still an ongoing project, is one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen. Am I too old to get adopted (Sorry Mum and Dad!)?

painted house artisthouse with muralspainted house yardcolourful house The most amazing part is that this is what it looked like before:

house equador

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Homeware Shopping Tips – The Best Online Shops for Stylish Accessories

While cheap fashion shops can be found aplenty online and on the high street, there are limited options when it comes to kitting out your home. Room decor can really lift your spirits, and it shouldn’t be just for those who can afford an interior designer.

From the cute to the quirky, these shops should be able to provide you with more than the generic, middle of the road homeware and instead help your decorate with fashion forward, affordable and practical items.

I have been putting together some bits and pieces for my bedroom since moving in a few months ago. I’ve noted down the best places to get cheap home accessories online. These are mostly from the UK, but some will have international shipping or equivalent websites. If you’re stuck, leave me a comment and I’ll try to help!

Although I would not usually recommend venturing into ASDA on your own free will (I’d even take Lidl over it on a scale of stressfulness), if you make a beeline straight for the homeware section, or are lucky enough to have a stand alone George or ASDA Living store nearby, it’s well worth having a look. They are particularly good at duvet sets which aren’t the generic floral-mumsy schmaltz you find nearly everywhere else.

Their lighting offerings are also very nice, although frustration with their in-store bulb selection not lining up has meant I haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Here are some of my picks form their current products:

50’s Pinup Duvet Set – I have this one!

From £10 it’s a steal 











Zebra Monochrome Print Duvet Set

A more modern alternative, equally lovely.

zebra duvet











Ale Bottle Lamp – I want this but it doesn’t quite go with my look, might pick it up for elsewhere in the flat.

Sold out online but they still have some in stores for £30











White Dog Bust – because why not?

This weird fella is pretty cheap.












So as you can see, there’s some pretty interesting options from a relatively surprising place. And all super cheap! They have different ranges or ‘looks’ introduced throughout the season, however they don’t seem very coherent at the moment.

Last year Wilkinsons’ was my go to choice for homeware, however they have been disappointing as of late. However, they always have some nice pieces to pick up that might compliment your existing style nicely.

Out of their current ranges, ‘Neptune‘ is the most interesting and least cliche. 








They also have at least six different stag wall hangings, which are my Achilles’ heel.

This White Matte Finish Stag is a bit pricey for my likely but looks stunning.











Another thing worth considering is the Wilko’s sale or clearance items. I have picked up some lovely cushions and lanterns there before for under a fiver each. Fingers crossed the range will improve in the next few months, but it is a bit difficult to get to find a branch when you live in London so I’m thankfully not missing out!

  • Urban Outfitters

Not usually a frugal options by any stretch of the imagination,  but when there’s a sale on you sometimes have the chance to pick up some interesting pieces at a relatively reasonable rate. Always try to cross reference anything you want from Urban Outfitters with Google, Ebay and Amazon as many of the products are branded and may be available elsewhere for cheaper, or with free delivery.

Hand Jewellery Wall Mount

Not even in the sale, but I think I think the £15 pricing might be a mistake!











T-Rex Wall Mount

Yeah, not cheap or practical. But…DINOSAURS











A good pick for knick-knacky type items, and smaller pieces like fairy lights and cute kitchenware. Some of the stuff is still a bit too cutesy for my tastes, but there’s some nice retro inspired pieces.

Glass Dome for your Beauty and the Beast reenactments











Measuring Tape Storage Crates











This Milk Bottle Crate Set gives you retro primary school vibes in your own kitchen











Some more places to look for home decor:

Let me know your online home decor shopping recommendations in the comments below!

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