Walking the Planks at the Clan Jetties of Georgetown

Walking the Planks at the Clan Jetties of Georgetown

Georgetown, Penang – A vivid mixture of cultures, flavours and experiences will meet any visitor to this culturally rich island on the straits of Melaka. Many of the influences here are distinctly Malaysian variants of traditional Pan-Asian traditions, no more so than the boardwalks of the Clan Jetties found on the eastern coast of the city. ┬áSet up as public landing jetties on the quay during the 19th century, by the early 20th they were ilt up to house squatters quarters loyal to individual clans of Chinese origin. The Chew Jetty is the most visitor friendly, lined with souvenir shops and drinks stands, while the others such as Lee and Tan provide a more realistic representation of everyday life of the current inhabitants.

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The Clan Jetties are the perfect place to visit at sundown, where the cool breeze from the water creates a refreshing end to a busy day in Georgetown. The Chew Jetty opens out at the end to a shrine area with room to sit and enjoy sundown.

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