11 Revealing Photos of Cuban Propaganda

11 Revealing Photos of Cuban Propaganda

One of the most unusual experiences when visiting Cuba’s the lack of advertising – it’s something you don’t consciously think about at home, but once you hit the sun soaked streets it’s noticeably absent. There are no flyers on lampposts, or even jingles over the radio in taxis. Instead, the only disruption you may see to the authentic Cuban vistas are messages from the government, often in the form of propaganda murals. It’s safe to say Cuba has more Che Guevara stencils than all the bedrooms of teenage boys combined. ┬áIn this post I’ve included some examples of these public propaganda symbols from my travels through the country.

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  • Ryan Haney says:

    Hi Emma,

    Your article describes what I seen and felt myself when I visited Cuba and actually spent a lot of the time off the beaten track to see the real Cuba.

    I think that lack of advertising and the spirit of resilience of the people is what makes the country so beautiful as there is no westernisation of the ( Have, Have, Have culture ) which is very refreshing.

    • Emma says:

      Yes for sure, it removes the whole element of consumerism that can sometimes impact people’s ability to simply be and take a step back to enjoy existence. Not to dismiss the struggles a lot of Cubans face, but it undoubtedly changes prioritises.

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