11 Revealing Photos of Cuban Propaganda

11 Revealing Photos of Cuban Propaganda

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These murals show not just the strong grip on public communications the government has, but also hint at the artistic and colourful soul of it’s people. Cuba is a nation full of individuals with personal and united hardships, but with a spirit of resilience and a desire for self expression through creative endeavours – it’s interesting that the government acknowledges and reciprocates in like.

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  • Ryan Haney says:

    Hi Emma,

    Your article describes what I seen and felt myself when I visited Cuba and actually spent a lot of the time off the beaten track to see the real Cuba.

    I think that lack of advertising and the spirit of resilience of the people is what makes the country so beautiful as there is no westernisation of the ( Have, Have, Have culture ) which is very refreshing.

    • Emma says:

      Yes for sure, it removes the whole element of consumerism that can sometimes impact people’s ability to simply be and take a step back to enjoy existence. Not to dismiss the struggles a lot of Cubans face, but it undoubtedly changes prioritises.

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