God’s Own Junkyard – Living a Life of Neon

God’s Own Junkyard – Living a Life of Neon

Sitting on a non-descript suburban road in Walthamstow is one of London’s greatest gems – God’s Own Junkyard, a cavern of neon signs comprising of the biggest collection outside of North America. Owned and run by artist Chris Bracey up until his death last year, the large warehouse showcases both his own work as the country’s foremost neon sign maker and other collected signs from across the country.


gods own junkyard londongraffiti-statue

Step inside and you’ll be transported into a rainbow world of lights and props, from the glamorous to the extremes of kitsch. You may even recognise some of the signs from film and tv, such as the STARK Industries logo from Iron Man and the HOTEL sign from Nolan’s Batman Begins.

There’s also a few little scenes set up in the warehouse, such as a B-Movie car running over a gator set and a Jesus shed. Yep, a typical Jesus shed.


stark industries sign

shark head propgator headmadonna-londonjesus displayneon jesus

neon signsgods-own-junkyardgods own junkyardstar signsneon-museum

There are several spots to sit and relax inside with a diner bar called The Rolling Scones offering cheap snacks. There’s also an outside courtyard with quirky toadstall seats and murals.

the rolling sconesgods own junkyard courtyardneon doorneon cafeneon loungeneon sign museumamericana neon signsgods own junkyardneon sign club

My favourite signs were the pastel neons and the rockabilly style hearts – although to be honest everything about God’s Own Junkyard made me squee with joy.

disco signlove sign neonamour signpeekaboo signpower neon signpeep show signlondon neon signscocktail sign¬†Entrance to God’s Own Junkyard is free – it’s located within walking distance of Wood Street and Walthamstow Central stations.

God’s Own Junkyard is now my favourite spot in London and I can’t wait to revisit!


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