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My first visit to The Globe was for a modern drama called ‘Holy Warriors‘, a retelling of the historical conflict of the Holy Lands. Richard the Lionheart is the play’s tragic hero, lamenting in purgatory due to his inability to reclaim Jerusalem and his own salvation after crusading against Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt and Syria.

Holy Warriors mixes the harsh facts of the crusades and their lasting impact on the Middle East through to the recent killings in Gaza, with hysterical if saddening cameos by Bush and Blair.

The second act see King Richard given a second chance within a modern setting, with the ultimate message being about the sin of pride, and how it has impaired leaders time and time again to show humility in exchange for peace.

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The Globe is a simply delightful venue that I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting before. I would recommend the play, but also that anyone who is visiting London to grab a ticket not matter what is on. All seats offer great views of the stage, ours were £15, the “cheap seats” and it didn’t impact our enjoyment at all. For those who needs a super thrifty evening, the floor standing tickets are only £5 each. Considering the hallowed history and the calibre of performance, this is one of the best deals in London.

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