Riga Central Market – The Authentic Latvian Shopping Experience

Riga Central Market – The Authentic Latvian Shopping Experience

Riga’s Central Market is a relatively well known attraction that sits a block away from the Old Town as a gateway to the Moscow District. It provides a slice of everyday Latvian life to visitors as it’s main function is to simply sell produce to locals. There are two elements that really make this such a unique experience; size and settings. The market is comprised of five massive halls in former Zeppelin hangars, which create a strong a stoic benchmark in Riga’s cityscape.

The halls are more or less consistently segregated into meat, bakery, dairy, fish, and fruit and veg. Amongst these you will find smaller stalls and sections offering everyday items like clothing, pet supplies, nuts, honeys and other artisan products. While in the market I grabbed a quick local breakfast of a roll baked with cheese inside and a sweet pretzel style biscuit. Most of the stalls and products were relatively practical, but there was a beautiful soap stall offering a kaleidoscope of options.

riga central marketriga central marketmarket in rigahandmade soap rigahandmade soap
Outside the main halls are further stalls, including a flower market selling beautiful bunches. There was also a bandstand with local musicians on, where some locals were having a dance.

riga flower marketflowers latvialatvian dancing
If you have a few hours free the Riga Central Market offers a great insight into local Latvian life.

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