Shoreditch Street Art – January 2016 Edition

Shoreditch Street Art – January 2016 Edition

Given the transient nature of street art I always mean to shoot more photos of the pieces I see around Shoreditch, and with the start of 2016 and a new iPhone on hand, I’m making a conscious effort to do just that.

These photos were taken when walking back from Old Street to Brick Lane, along Great Eastern Street and Hollywell Lane. There’s two big construction sites that have provided ample canvas for artists to decorate. The site on Great Eastern Street and Leonard Street creates almost a curated art walk with a few tunnel like walkways. These areas are always worth checking out if you’re in the area, as the art is likely to change every month or so.

old-street-art-geisha old-street-graffiti-tunnel street-art-walkway street-art-wall shoreditch-street-art-tunnel shoreditch-mural shoreditch-street-art-wall old-street-graffiti-tunnel-2 hoxton-street-art great-eastern-street leonard-street-graffiti leonard-street-art london-graffit old-street-art old-street-art-tunnel street-art-shoreditch charlie-chaplin-mural bicylce-street-art street-art-old-street morone-la-cocktail street-art-east-london london-street-art large-street-art street-art-mashup great-easter-street-london colourful-street-art graphic-street-art bus-shelter-street-art geometric-dragon-street-art illustration-street-art animal-mural-street-art geometric-deer-street-art geometric-deer-art network-street-art hedgehog-street-art doodle-street-art the-doodle-man-shoreditch lips-street-art shoreditch-london-street-art doorway-mural village-underground-street-art stromae-shoreditch

I realise I’ve been putting out a lot of street art related posts recently, so it seems fitting to add it as a category within my navigation. What you won’t see if the latest Banksy, which unfortunately ┬áhas already been removed from the French Embassy. But coming up I do have some street art from my trip last weekend to Porto, along with other, normal travel posts!

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  • alexiajack says:

    its wonderful……
    such a very good art and collections.

  • Hello says:

    90% of those pieces were organised by Global Street Art!

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    […] artists to cover their walls, floors and anything with surface area streets at a time. I live in Shoreditch so I’m lucky enough to see some of the most stunning pieces of street art daily, but […]

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