The Street Art of Belleville, Paris

The Street Art of Belleville, Paris

If you’ve seen my posts before, you might realise that I always try to check out the local street art when I travel. Most cities now have certain neighbourhoods that act as hubs for creatives, artists, and to some extent gentrification; creating welcoming space for international artists to cover their walls, floors and anything with surface area streets at a time. I live in Shoreditch so I’m lucky enough to see some of the most stunning pieces of street art daily, but there’s something so exhilarating about turning a corner in a new city and seeing walls full of colour.

I’ve been to Paris multiple times but it’s never quite clicked for me – the Louvre pyramid is stunning, the streetside bistro’s appealing, but I’ve always found the overall vibe of the city slightly cold and aloof. I think with many big cities it can feel that way for outsiders; I often feel the need to defend Londoners to outsiders who may see it as unfriendly or expensive. Taking the time to explore Belleville, a neighbourhood straddling 4 different arrondissement, enabled me to see a bit more of the ‘local’ side of Paris.

One handy tip I recommend to help explore an areas, especially if you want to see the street art highlights is to check for a custom Google Maps route to follow. With artists abseiling down walls and the like, it can be hard to know where exactly to look to make sure you don’t miss everything. My trip to Paris was early this year over august, but the route below is the map I used and provided a great route around the area.


My photos below will hopefully wet your appetite to visit this area of Paris on your next trip – it’s the perfect place to grab a tasty coffee and macaroon and wonder slowly around, especially on a Sunday afternoon.


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