The Street Art of Manchester’s Northern Quarter

The Street Art of Manchester’s Northern Quarter

I’ve been ‘up north’ this week in Manchester as part of my new job (our head offices are there), and in between a shed load of intros and meetings I managed to find time to wander around the Northern Quarter, the city’s bohemian hub.

manchester street art


Like my home of Shoreditch, the NQ (as I am lead to believe locals call it) is a mix of indie boutiques, second-hand records and flat whites with dashes of street art in its nooks ¬†and crannies. The graffiti murals are less abundant than East London but there’s an eclectic mix with themes of humour and pop culture running through.

freddy kruger street artraccoon mural

manchester northern quater manchester houtiques manchester street art

This area is reflective of the city’s reputation as a hub for music and creativity, and I’ve only been able to scratch the surface in my rushed lunch breaks. I can’t wait to come back again, but perhaps when it’s less rainy…

For now, it’s back to London on the 17:35 to Euston.

street art manchester

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