Bergen’s Dragon Topped Fantoft Stave Church

Bergen’s Dragon Topped Fantoft Stave Church

I spent last weekend in the beautiful fjordside city of Bergen in Norway. On top of stunning natural landscapes and delightful city architecture, a visit to the Fantoft Stave Church in the Fana borough was a great way to enjoy a slice of traditional Norwegian design. The original church was built in around 1150 in a village deep within Sognefjord before being moved to Bergen in 1883 – however, the church sitting on the site is actually a recent reconstruction after an arson attack by a one-man black metal band in the early 1990s.

Fantoft stavkirke bergenfantfot graveyard

The church is actually quite pint-sized and completely wooden, which is reflected in the tiny interior. Completely wooden, the room could be mistaken for a high end sauna if it weren’t for a few religious details.

bergen church entrancefantoft stave churchchurch interiorchurch interior norway

My favourite details on the church were the carved dragon heads slashing out like nordic daggers into the sky from the roofing.

wooden churchchurch in bergen

To reach the Fantoft Stave Church take the Light Rail Train (tram) from the city centre to the stop Fantoft and heading up the road increasing altitude. Entrance to the church is included in the Bergen Card of at a fee of NOK 55.

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