Jonker’s Walk Night Market and Pimped Up Rickshaws in Melaka

Jonker’s Walk Night Market and Pimped Up Rickshaws in Melaka

Yesterday I landed in Malaysia and headed straight to Melaka, a historical trading point with a rich mix of cultural influences. This evening I headed to Jonker’s Walk (Jalan Hang Jebat), one of the main tourist streets of Melaka, which on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings swells with the hustle and bustle of a world class night market. Stalls line each side of the street selling local and imported delicacies, along with gifts and gadgets from budget hawkers. I managed to get reacquainted with sugar cane juice while trying some Mango ice cream served in a plastic egg, along with what I can best describe as a Taiwanese crumpet.

night market melaka night market vendor malaccamelaka street foodmalacca street food

I had heard rumours of a kung-fu master entertaining the crowds with insane sword tricks, however the only entertainment I could find was a very public karaoke show – the audience remained avid while sweet old crooners took the stage.

jonker walk entertainment

Apart from tasty snacks and karaoke, the tricked out lights of the Melaka rickshaw is a big draw for the crowds. Lavishly dedicated in gaudish tributes to Frozen, Hello Kitty, other children’s cartoons, and yet more Frozen, during the day these are attention grabbing; at night they are like mini moving nightclubs, music included.

light up rickshawrockshaws melakatrishaw melaka with lightsrockshaw malacca

The last 24 hours in Melaka have been incredibly enjoying, if exhausting, as I managed to fit in many of the main attractions during the day. Hopefully I’ll have time to write these up tomorrow along with ticking off a few final things in the morning and catching a flight to Penang for my stay in Georgetown.

Until then…!

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