WOMEN FASHION POWER at The Design Museum

women fashion power

“Women Fashion Power” is a current paid exhibition at the Design Museum in London. It showcases the evolution of women’s fashion over the past 150 years, juxtaposed with their position and rights within society.

Curated chronologically from the Victorian era to present day, the collection highlights the changing silhouettes and styles found in women’s clothing. One of the most interesting aspects I found was the details about the Suffragette movement, and their use of colour and strategy to normalise Women’s Rights. From this time period onwards there was an escalation in freedom in the way women dressed,

The central feature of the exhibition was the showcasing of the style of current power women from Business, Arts and Culture. Significant leaders in their field such as Zaha Hadid and Grace Jones have donated the outfits that most make them feel powerful.

Overall the exhibition was enjoyable but not groundbreaking. At times it seemed relatively generic with it’s ‘fashion through the ages’ element dominating as a theme, something that has been done many times in the past. The most interesting elements were the non-clothing items, like magazines and anti-suffragette propaganda.

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WOMEN FASHION POWER is open at the Design Museum until 26th April 2016. Standard Adult Tickets are £12.40.

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